Online Lantern Gear Builder

I implemented an online lantern gear builder to complement my other online gear generators.

The gear meshing with the lantern gear is created by tracking how the lantern gear pins cut into the disk of the matching gear. As an example, the image on the right shows the path of one lantern pin moving clockwise into the 3 o’clock position. The same circles, pinned to the matching gear, create the shape of a half tooth as the matching gear turns counterclockwise at a speed defined by the gear ratio. (I use the same mechanism for the involute spur gear builder).

The complete list of gear builders is:

5 thoughts on “Online Lantern Gear Builder”

  1. I see we have similar interests. I was rethinking my lantern gears, which have worn after 6 years of operation, and encountered your gear generator. Thanks! In the clock you see below, I decided that only one tooth needed to be engaged at a time. This means that you only need the bottom mm or so of the wheel gear bearing surface. Because the surface is so short I figured that a flat profile was sufficient. The clock seems to work just fine, except for wear. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

  2. Hi. I have a question. what is the pressure angle of this gear?
    and if you have Content and articles about designing this type of gear would you please share with me?

  3. I have been trying to design the matching gear in fusion 360 using these parametric equations I found on wikipedia for an epicycloid curve
    x(t) = (R+r)*cos(t)-r*cos((R+r)/r)t)
    y(t) = (R+r)*sin(t)-r*sin((R+r)/r)t)

    Where R is the radius of the big circle which a smaller circle with radius r rolls around.
    I calculated my pitch diameter from PD=P/sin(180/z)
    Where P is pitch and z is number of teeth.
    I cannot replicate the results and the information online is scarce. Could you please give me some insight into what equations are used in this calculator?

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