Wooden Clock with Gravity Escapement

I have been fascinated by clocks for a long time and finally took the time to build a wooden clock myself.

The clock is based on Brian Law’s plans for his clock 22. I chose it for its fascinating and novel gravity escapement that Brian Law designed (for more details see his blog post with precursor post).

The action of the escapement is best seen in the videos of the running clock.

The wood (cherry for the gears, hard maple for the lighter color parts) was cut on my CNC router. The need for accurate round parts was a great excuse to finally acquire a mini lathe and learn how to use it. The gears have been finished with multiple coats of thin CA glue with a final scuffing of the surface with 0000 steel wool for a semi gloss finish (see Chris Wrong’s article for a description of the process).

Here a few snapshots covering the build.

Online Grasshopper Escapement Builder

For the impatient: Just head over to the Online Grasshop Escapement Builder page.

This open source Grasshopper Escapement Builder is based on the description published by Guy D. Aydlett: The Anatomy Of The Grasshopper (the pdf file has been shared by jrbeal on his clock forum). I am aware of shared spreadsheets that implement the equations but as far as I know this is the first online tool that generates Grasshopper escapement drawings.

Here are two sample outputs showing the exit pallet facing left (first drawing) and right (second drawing) based on different values for the pallet span N (5 and 9 for the left and right drawing, respectively).

I am very happy that Claire Huang allowed me to feature her 3d printed escapement which is based on my online escapement builder: